Oh btw.. I'm quitting SL.

I'm not quitting and neither are you.

There are so many things in SL that intrigue me.  Intrigue is probably too dramatic of a word considering the topic at hand...  I think it's funny how often people threaten to quit Second Life every time they are in a bad mood, there is a minor disagreement, someone talks behind their back, etc (so basically everyday).

All the cool people do it; so hip right now.  If you want to try it yourself, here is a template you can use whenever someone [or something] makes you feel like you're not in the pixel spotlight.

You: "Umm, just thought you should know, I'm quitting SL."
PPL: "Why?"
You: "Im just sick of the drama. [insert overly dramatic explanation of what just happened]"
*next day*
(Log back in and use excuse that you are starting fresh and make some drastic claims about deleting your whole friends list and/or some folders of shoes)

The cool thing is you can reuse this everyday.... anytime someone says something you disagree with.

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