That noob is TOTES jeal' about my hawt neko avi...

If this is the first thing you're reading off my blog, you should know that I hang at infohubs frequently--where 40+ year old gothicatz dudes and neko-vampires reign supreme and the noobs flow like wine.  There is almost NO instance where a noob (meaning they haven't progressed beyond the comb over hair and primless 3-piece suit), can approach one of the said GothiNeko vampires and recieve a favorable response.  Since when did recieving a compliment become so offensive.  At best, the noob will recieve a "...oh... thanks" or a more positive reply laden with sarcasm.  More commonly they will be shunned as a pervert and at least one gothidude will take it upon himself to use his brash uppercut that he keeps attached religiously.... like his currently invisible prim dick that you will see if you "highlight transparent".

It's true that a good number of new folk will turn out to be looking only for sex, especially if they are from south america.... for some reason.  But on the other hand, this guy with one pixel shoe and no hair might be the coolest person you have met in your 4 years of loitering around infohubs.  You will never know if you are close minded.  You cannot expect someone who has just downloaded and is playing SL for the first time ever to respect what you have come to believe are the correct ways of behaving in the game.

It is common for a younger person to act that way actually, in my opinion.  Not necessarily just because of immaturity or "ignorance", but because of social norms.  An example that comes to mind are dating websites.  My Dad joined eharmony and he openly talks about it with friends and family and its pretty much normal, and a lot of them use those sites as well... but if someone my age joins and doesn't play it off as "I'm just joining this b/c my friend did or something lol," its not really accepted as a cool thing to do.  Same goes for Second Life, where there is as much of a "dating" component as gameplay... and I can't speak for everyone, but where I come from, dating and having sex in a video game isn't something to brag about really.

I believe this is the case, and combined with the fact that everyone online on SL is coming from somewhere else around the world, where moral and ethical standards differ, I think people should be more tolerant of this kind of thing.  And chances are, even if someone really is only 16 and not looking as cool as your avatar at the moment, they probably DO know more than you about computers if you're 40.  Having been addicted to Second Life for 4 years, believe it or not, doesn't make you good at computers even if you learned how to use $20 worth of what Photoshop can do to edit a picture of your avatar.  If a 16 year old decides to get into SL and improve their avatar, I give them a week to a month (depending on how they network) to look better than you.  Two weeks later you forget about them and IM their hawt avatar saying they are sexy and they remember you and tell you you can suck a big one.  Then you realize they have more friends than you at YOUR infohub... which will inevitable lead to your threats of quitting SL and losing more friends who aren't feeling your bipolarness and your dramatic ways.

Side note:  Putting "no drama" in your profile doesn't mean shit.  It takes two people to make drama and if you're involved in it, you're just as much to blame--if not more, since you have a comment about it in your profile now.

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