I know you're talking about me and I DONT LIKE IT

I have had a few people now question me about my blog posts--or just go ahead and assume--that I must be referring to them personally.  To everyone who thinks this: I think you are completely missing the punchline/moral of my posts.  Just because I'm standing near you and one or all of my posts about my stereotypes fits you, does not I was intrigued enough by you to devote 10 minutes to writing about it.

Furthermore, just because you're wearing a curio skin or gothicatz costume or sell shapes and template clothing doesn't mean I have something against you.  As a matter of fact, I think curio makes one of the best skins in SL... but so do 90% of the females who get to the point of spending money on Second Life--and yes that includes you, emo-hipster wannabe curio-wearer with a "unique" shape... and the extent of "unique" being: farset, squinty eyes and broad but tiny nose with massive lips. LOL.. got a little of topic there!

Anyway... I just wanted to clear that up.  The point of my blog is for me to be able to vent, and I exaggerate my opinion in an attempt to make it comical.  No post is aimed at a single person; my goal is to knock people down who are too high on themselves about something that really isn't that impressive.  You don't see me bragging about looking better than everyone! (except in that one post... but that doesn't count).   Maybe I'm a hypocrite.  Maybe I'll get naked at an infohub so people will YELL at me and tell me how I am probably 12 and probably had a rough life as a child and dropped out of school.... because its so freaking absurd that a sane human being would EVER THINK of taking all their clothes on a video game, if only to interrupt the current local topic of pixel weddings and prim babies.  And yes, video game.  I know you can talk.... yeah, I know.. interact.... uh huh... you can do that on World of Warcraft too... and pretty much every other video game...


  1. It's good that you straightened it out coz my avatar with tiny nose and massive lips felt bad because of your posts. :)
    /me likes, as always.