Emo hair & gothicatz costumes

One of my ultimate pleasures on SL is responding to angsty IM's by Curio/Friday wearers.  You can find them at your local emo store (buried).

Expected IM scenario:
Bitch: "Umm. Who are you. Do I like know you?"
Guy: "lol I guess not, I don't come here often.  Anyway, how are you :)"

Raw dude IM scenario:
Bitch: "Umm. Who are you. Do I like know you?"
Jay: "What kind of question is that.. I'm just a nigga fixin' to buy me some emo hairs."
Bitch: (Is typing...) -- (not typing) -- (Is typing...)
Jay: **X's out window**

I'm definitely not a fan of people who are cocky in SL because of their avatars.  You can troll me all day and talk about my mother and how I'm probably 12 years old and probably didn't have any friends in school, but nothing pisses me off than an over-inflated ego.  Coincidentally these type of people always look the same and are easy to avoid, which is why I like to hang out in an infohub where the curio skins and friday hairs are less commonly seen, and the trolls flow like wine: Moose Beach Infohub.

However, today when I was standing in the middle of everyone spamming fart noises, I had an epiphany.  I  was camming in circles around my avatar with the others blurred into one boring backdrop when I realized,  I am better than these people avatar-wise [probably].  I even considered teleporting to curio in hopes of finding a new bootylicious skin for guys. But seriously, my avatar looks like some badass baller out of a new Grand Theft Auto game thats not even out yet for xbox 360.... and these other people look like they came from nintendo 64.  Forget the fact they are all wearing gothicatz costumes and roid-monkey guido skins, every shape in the vicinity is hella bobo!  I understand you want to look manly and strong, but its hard not to notice that when you slide the muscles level up to 100, it wacks out your body and makes you look like a beefcake troll.  Thats just a start on the problem though.  And btw, if anyone from Moose Beach is reading this, no, I'm not talking about you... I'm referring to everyone else in gothicatz costumes only... ye...yeah... yeah I know you have other outfits too... ok great. BAI~*

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