Weak Bitches

Bad attitudes are hip... apparently.  Lets get something straight, there is a difference between being 'honest' and being a bitch.  90% of bitches I meet that I DONT befriend have something about being honest or blunt in their profile.  I think its safe to assume, that in my age range and younger, this phrase translates to "I have no filter on what I say and I will tell you if I think something is ugly if only to make myself feel better".  Being 'honest' doesn't justify being an angst-filled teenager with a dirty mouth.  You still suck.  This doesnt just apply to girls.

Insulting a stranger's clothing or lifestyle choices is not respectable in any way.  I'm not sure if this is even making sense to anyone not already thinking the exact same thing as I write this, but what I basically mean is: dont say anything if you dont have something nice to say.