Is it just me... or..?

It's easy blogging about things on Second Life because there are an infinite number of trends to point out as completely retarded.  Here is the newest one.  I have noticed this since I began playing SL and I continue to notice it more and more:

Cam/voice/age verified ~*~*~*~*

Well.... ok... first off.. I don't know what to even say, it's just retarded. It makes no sense.  I'm assuming this quote (since it's in your profile), is meant to be information directed at those who don't know you and are first learning about you.  How are you verified?  And what does that meant to anyone?  You aren't verified and it means nothing, except that now you have about 20 less characters of symbol font in your 1st life section.... which is probably used to write that angsty defense of the real life you claim to have and refuse to share.

Just because you talked on skype with a friend once and they heard your voice, doesn't mean anything to me.  Even if there was some universal Second Life accreditation system for proving that you... have a voice?.... what does that mean to me? still nothing unfortunately.  I know that I could pose as a female if that was what floated my boat.. voice changer, symbol font, and everything else that makes someone a female on SL.  So I don't put it past anyone else to be able to do the same...

As for age verified, yeah you can "verify" your age with Second Life.  This unfortunately, also means nothing beyond the fact that LL now lets you teleport to adult sims if you are 18.  And even that is a "set it and forget it" kind of deal--they do not store your age information.  I've learned that this is the extent of what age verifying means... any random 0-day-old avatar can still report you for being underage and your account (all avatars) will be put on "administrative hold" indefinitely until you take action.  After this happens, you are required to submit further proof of your age, including a government issued ID (photocopy).  This must be done for each avatar made on the same system/e-mail account as the one who was initially reported, and in my experience, the ticket was not acknowledged by LL until multiple tickets were submitted and set as related cases by using reference numbers, etc... idk... It was a pain and my original avatar was unavailable for nearly 3 months before I got it back.  And on top of that frustration, LL does not save the ID information after the ticket case is closed and therefore this can happen immediately again, potentially.

If you find yourself in situations where it seems appropriate to declare that you are verified, chances are you are surrounded by people who ARENT your friends--hence the questioning of whether you are a lie, and needing to prove you are verified as the gender you claim to be... or whatever the reason.  It all goes back to my original theory: leave the sassy bitchy stuff out of your profile.  You aren't that cool and everyone knows it so save me the effort of deciphering your symbol font and just be nice--it's the most effective way to avoid being reported or accused of being the wrong gender/child avi in the first place...


You aren't that hot

For some reason, once a girl in second life gets her first neko tail and curio skin, things go downhill from there as far as modesty is concerned.  Maybe it's just me but I think the statistics seem pretty solid that most of these said females are overly cocky and into themselves and I'm definitely not feeling it.  The main thing that annoys me is the "disclaimer" reading something to the effect of: "IMs and chat are logged and I reserve the right to distribute how I feel necessary."

Okay.. well after hearing you blab in your redneck voice on mic, I guess I'm impressed at the mediocre grammar improvement found in your sassy profile, if you can even decipher the symbol font/code that it's all written in.  But... writing a disclaimer that states you are allowed to do something that goes against TOS does not in fact give you that right.  Believe it or not, you can still be reported (and potentially banned) for sharing IM conversation.  If anything, having that sentence in your profile only helps toward getting you banned when someone reports you for it.  Not to mention, it's just lame and comes off just as conceited as the rest of your profile which is laden with sassy quotes about how hot your avi is... and then a similar quote in the first life section, elaborating that you are just as hot and/or an "I'm hotter than you" kinda statement.  Even if the statement is true, I've lost all interest by now anyway.

Something else to note:  Even if your avatar is as hot as you claim, that doesn't mean someone else will agree.  I know who one of the hottest female avi's is on SL.  It's the avi I created... because I created it to look how I like.  And I doubt she looks anything like you!  In my opinion, it takes a nerd who is artistic and has a good attention to detail to create a nice avatar.  Unless your that one hot, tanned, fit, tattooed, pornstar-looking babe in real life who also happens to play second life in between all the GTL time.  If I find that girl, I'll take back all I said!  Or at least I'll change the title of this blog post from "You aren't that hot" to "you aren't really that hot" which I think puts less emphasis on the word 'that'... but anywayzzzzzz


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