Stretched Ears coming soon!

I made ears XD.  Wanting to make stretched ears is what inspired me to learn to sculpt.  Definitely not the first stretched ears in Second Life but, at least from what I've seen, they are the first with a tragus.  How can you have a tragus piercing without one?!

Basically I am in need of a pretty complicated script for a HUD that I have in mind, and so far I've heard nothing back from any scripter after giving out my notecard of explanation.  (rant warning)  It seems that being a "script god" doesn't really mean you KNOW ALL--more like, one time you modified a script to make an object rotate faster than it rotated before your skills were applied.  So If you're reading this and know of someone who is capable of writing a somewhat advanced HUD script, please contact me in-world :D.

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